15.1km Course

The final insult and bodily damage is inflicted in the final 6 weeks before the City to Surf, when we raise the bar another notch up to 15.1kms.

This is the sixth course, just to prove sadistically that we can run more than the required 14 kms in the City to Surf. The dingbats who designed this course not only added another kilometre, but the rats put a bloody hill in it too … and this hill is just a shade off the vertical. You need crampons to get up this doozie ! This is Linda Street, often referred to in low, sweaty terms by the Trotters as “Deep Throat Hill” for reasons which have never been fully understood.

Nothing could be further from one’s mind or capability half way up this short but stiff monster. Still, like many things in life, it’s soon over, and you can relax on the lesser, more flaccid inclination up Hunter Street, have a laugh at whatever time it says on the Water Clock, round into Edgeworth and back we go. Easy eh AT We like a flat course !

Well, 6 weeks of this and your ready for the City to Surf, the odd light ale, a lie down, a few cigars and a month in Tahiti.