Dec 16 Newsletter

Dear all,

We had a very pleasant Christmas Function at the Blue Gum Hotel last Wednesday attended by about 55 members. Thank you to all who helped make it an enjoyable evening.

Jaye Chadwick has been doing the drinks this month and will have some “extra special” drinks (with bubbles) for all those who attend this Saturday, 24 December. The following Saturday is the last of the 6.5 km runs for a while and from 7 January 2017 we start on the climb up the distances with the 8.6 km course for 6 weeks.

Nick Swan will be doing the drinks during January.

There are still 3 blank months to fill in the drinks calendar next year, all in the second half of the year. Please send me an email if you can help, especially if you have not done it before. If I am flooded with offers I will put you down on the “Reserves” list.

Merry Christmas