Geoff Russell’s Poor Man’s Comrades Race Report – 31st May 2013


The first 30km was lonely, hard and wrecking. At the bottom of Bobbin Head it looked grim with calf pain. Took some pain killers and walked out to Turramurra North. By the time I hit the pyramid I was feeling great and had new legs. What was in those pain killers? Need some more.

Running backwards down the Trotters course was very surreal. Familiar yet totally different. Perhaps on April Fools day we should run backwards singing “I’m running backwards for Christmas, across the Irish sea” like Spike Mulligan.

At Pacific Highway was joined by Jen Lee and Ralph Pain. I must say that was the least pain of the whole day. These two champions somehow managed to slow their race-ready legs to my crawl and kept me company for the drift down Pacific Highway. Jen is terrific company and we chatted about such a range of topics that the kms flew past. At Chatswood she had to return for other commitments and Ralph was left shepherding me across intersections and avoiding traffic. He also kept up a lively and entertaining dialogue and the next thing North Sydney was blocking our view, the Bridge loomed and it was all over.

Towards the end I was almost pain free (except for Ralph – had to put that in) and felt I could go many km further.