May 17 Newsletter

Dear all

Thank you to Daina Lee with a little help of her friends who provided the drinks during May. George & Ursula Chmiel are on the list for June and Robert Thomson is down for July.

The 14.0 km course continues until 24 June and on 1 July we start the longest course (15.1km) which continues until the City to Surf (13 August).

Some of you (those who attend “coffee after the run””) will have noticed Donald Garton diligently recording the times of the day (not quite real time yet) into his computer. Donald has been doing this for a month or so now and soon (when??) we will start to catch up on times for the past few years so that perhaps by the end of the year we will have all 43 years of runner’s times in one big data base. We are still going through the “ironing out phase” and within a week or so we hope to get various volunteers to take a book (one year’s worth of times) and enter them in the format suggested by Donald.

Remember if you are running (training) in the dark it is a good idea to have a slap bracelet with a red light that flashes and is quite visible from a distance. I have supplies of these at $8.00 each. I bring them each Saturday along with TT T shirts and TT Caps.