notable trotters

Some Famous and Infamous Trotters and Trottettes

Here, we present some of the stories and events that have enriched the lives of these remarkable people as they went about their stunning running careers through the streets of Turramurra, Wahroonga, Hornsby, Waitara and Warrawee. Rivetting reading this.

B Zena Boakes (1st Trotter to do a DNS … finished but Did Not Start )
C Charles Coville ( Founder of the Sydney Striders)
F Alf Field ( ran 65 marathons …. well, that’s not fair ….. some of ’em have been ultras )
F Evan Fountain ( Rhodes Scholar )
H Brian Hewson ( renowned for his Pat Rafter sweating impersonations )
K Paul Klemes ( first to open a Trotters Subsidiary on Macquarie Island )
L Andrew Lloyd ( Commonwealth Games 5000 Metre Gold Medallist )
M Michael Morrissey ( ran his 6th World Marathon Major in Tokyo 25 Feb 2018 )
P April Power
S Bob Sully ( ran every City to Surf since inception – not his … the Race’s ! )
W Mr Justice James Wood  ( … here comes the judge …  )

Evan Fountain, son of Denis, was an early starter at a tender age, and ran on to become the Trotters’ first Rhodes Scholar. Terrific stuff. Evan puts his success down to all the knowledge and fine ideals and values he learned from running with the Trotters.

In 1997, Sam Burke who acquired many life-long learning, socially acceptable attributes from his family also followed (but not for long) in his father’s footsteps as a young apprentice … a tentative Turramurra Trotter. The old boy (father John Burke the First – an original Turramurra Trotter renowned for the jingle in his pocket) is still trying to achieve greatness … but young Sam … he really learned about life at the Trotters … he watched and understood the meaning of life whilst over the years, gradually coming from a position of “keeping up”, to a position where he consistently passed the rest of us – and just went on from strength to strength.

Hey ……. our very own Sam, won the New South Wales All Schools Championships in the 15 years old group … 1st in the 1500 metres in 4 mins 17.79 and 2nd in the 800 metres in 2 mins 3.82. WOW … well done Sam !!!!! We are all proud of you !

Brian Hewson has provided some interesting statistics … he has trotted for 24,943 hours and 48 minutes with the TTs, as at 9th May 2001 from 9th May 1981, and covered 5241 kms … stupid bugger … even though he was away overseas for most of 1986-1989.  You know what this means don’t you …. he has kept a record of every run and every time it took !  Always been worried by Brian, which is why some Trotters always wish him Good Morning using an alternative vocabulary.  We wonder whether he has kept a record of the amount of litres he has dripped into the Turramurra Car Park !