6.5km Course

The base course is 6.5 kms and starts from Turramurra Station at 6:30 am every Saturday morning. This run goes up Rohini Street, down the Pacific Highway and left into Bobbin Head Road.


About 2 kms down Bobbin Head Road, the course cuts through Nambucca Street before turning down Burns Road, over Lovers’ Jump Creek, then winding up the hill, ( not forgetting to disturb the sleeping Alsatian at the house on the corner opposite Clissold Street ), to the lights at Eastern Road.

The base course turns left here ( whereas the later runs turn right ) and races down the Eastern Road hill, past the Eastern Road shops and up the hill to Turramurra Station. That’s the 6.5km course.

As a matter of interest, it was coming down this last hill just about opposite Water Street footpath entry, where JS’s originally 4-legged dog “Banjo”, was run over chasing Alex Rosser’s dog during a Trotter’s run one Saturday morning in 1982. Many thanks to Cliff Carpenter for his help – what a caring lot the Trotters are. As a matter of trivia, poor old Banjo went on to live on 3 legs another thirteen years until 1995, when she died aged 18 years ….. not a bad innings for this old canine, tyre biter.